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The science of addiction

What we study

CASAColumbia is engaged in a wide range of research. We review the latest science on addiction, survey attitudes, examine the impact of addiction and risky substance use and develop tools and guides to improve prevention, treatment and policy. We also design and evaluate specific addiction prevention and treatment initiatives, often in partnership with other organizations.

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This 5-year research project evaluates the impact of Health Homes and supportive housing on individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid and living with HIV/AIDS. 

In collaboration with the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), CASAColumbia is designing, building and testing a digital tool that will aid substance abuse treatment providers to determine which treatment setting is best for a person with a substance use disorder (commonly referred to as substance abuse and addiction).

Few people are routinely screened by their doctors for risky substance use. This collaboration seeks to design and evaluate ways of incorporating addiction prevention and treatment into current care procedures at a New York health system.

This study tests whether health homes improve quality of care, reduce inefficient health care and lower costs among the 120,000 individuals per year with addiction who are eligible for health homes in New York.

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