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Improving HIV/AIDS Care

Improving HIV/AIDS Care

This 5-year research project evaluates the impact of Health Homes and supportive housing on individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid and living with HIV/AIDS. 

Project Overview

  • This study is investigating whether Health Homes and supportive housing for homeless persons in New York living with HIV improves their adherence to HIV treatment, reduces their overall health costs and leads to an increase in viral suppression


  • For many HIV positive persons, factors such as low income, lack of health insurance, homelessness, substance use disorders and mental illness can act as barriers to receiving quality health care
  • However, it is essential that HIV positive persons undergo treatment to achieve viral suppression, which is reducing the function and replication of a virus. Undergoing treatment will also help lower the person’s risk of disease transmission
  • Health Homes can be a powerful tool to support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to end the AIDS epidemic in New York State

About Health Homes

  • Health Homes is an important provision within the Affordable Care Act that attempts to redesign the fragmented, crisis-driven and costly care received by the Medicaid enrollees
  • Health Homes have received funding to create health care networks that include medical, behavioral health, social service and case management programs





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