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Health Homes in New York

Health Homes in New York

This 5-year study is evaluating New York’s health home program. It tests whether health homes improve quality of care, reduce inefficient health care and lower costs among the 120,000 individuals per year with addiction who are eligible for health homes in New York.

The Details

  • Health homes are a federally funded Medicaid program in which all of an individual’s health care providers communicate with one another to coordinate care so that all of his or her needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner
  • The goal is to improve quality of care and reduce wasteful spending
  • Findings from this study will be useful as other states expand Medicaid coverage and use similar efforts for chronic conditions targeting the costliest and neediest populations


  • Individuals without health insurance will be granted greater access to addiction treatment as a result of recent Medicaid coverage expansion, which will increase pressures on many already strained state budgets
  • New York has received federal approval and is currently rolling out its program statewide with an anticipated enrollment of about 750,000 individuals