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Guide for policymakers in addressing addiction and risky substance use 

CASAColumbia is developing a guide for state policymakers that identifies:
  • The efficacy of a wide range of initiatives that aim to prevent and reduce all forms of addictive substance use – tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drug
  • Effective policies relevant to those working within the key social systems most directly affected by substance use and addiction and where thoughtful policy efforts can produce the most significant results: health care, education and justice
  • Effective policies that address controversial issues, such as marijuana legalization; regulation of alternative tobacco products; medication assisted treatment in the justice system; and health care, education and justice reform
  • Resources and references for deeper examination of the issues

The guide will be available on CASAColumbia’s website and disseminated to state policymakers. It will help frame state substance-related policies and programs in accordance with the latest scientific evidence regarding addiction and substance use.

Changing Insurance Practice

One of the barriers to addiction and substance abuse prevention and treatment services is the current lack of reimbursement from health insurance providers. Insurance providers—public and private—should provide coverage for the insured. This should include patient education, screening and intervention for substance use and treatment and management of addiction consistent with standards of medical practice, eliminating exemptions. CASAColumbia will document the benefits (financial viability, return on investment, improved patient outcomes) of providing full coverage of evidence-based addiction prevention and treatment and develop a strategy to encourage the insurance industry to cover these critical services for addiction and substance abuse prevention and treatment. 

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