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This week President Obama commuted the federal sentences of 46 prisoners. We commend President Obama’s action as a step in changing our nation’s response to addiction, but reducing sentences for non-violent drug offenders alone is not enough. 

In the inaugural session of our Addiction Speaker Series, Carlos Grilo, PhD, a senior scientist at CASAColumbia and a professor in Yale School of Medicine’s Psychiatry department, discussed binge eating disorder (BED), a new formal diagnosis in the DSM-5. The Addiction Speaker Series is a new initiative held each month at CASAColumbia in which leading experts in the addiction and substance abuse field present some of their latest findings.

The new drug flakka, which comes in the form of pink or white crystals, has grabbed media headlines over the last few months because of the drug’s side effects, which causes users to act in dangerous, even violent, behaviors. But what is flakka and why should we be so worried about it?

References to smoking, drinking and drug use in movies and music have a significant influence on teens’ decisions to start using these substances. Exposure to this content makes teens more likely to use, and to use more. In a 2012 report, the Surgeon General concluded that “there is a causal relationship between depictions of smoking in the movies and the initiation of smoking among young people.” And yet, movie companies continue to depict smoking in G, PG and PG-13 films.

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