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Given what we currently know about marijuana, CASAColumbia does not support its legalization for recreational use. Instead, CASAColumbia supports keeping marijuana illegal but eliminating criminal penalties for personal use.

The percent of middle and high school students who currently use e-cigarettes has tripled in the past year. This alarming increase happened while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering whether or not it will use its authority to regulate the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes.

Recently, the media has picked up several stories of Molly-related deaths at electric dance music (EDM) festivals. The victims in these stories are often young and not known as drug users, making the deaths all the more shocking to their parents and friends. In light of these events, it is important that parents understand more about the pervasiveness of “club drugs” like Molly, a form of MDMA or ecstasy at EDM festivals. Here are some facts to know.

Welcome to Five Minutes With, where we take a few moments to better get to know the CASAColumbia staff. Today we’d like to introduce Cathy Woods-King, J.D., General Counsel; Director of Grants, Contracts and Legal Affairs.

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