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A relatively unknown prescribed opioid called Opana has hit hard in rural America, particularly in Indiana, and its misuse is reigniting concerns about a new HIV outbreak. This outbreak not only sheds light on the troubling opioid epidemic in the state, but also challenges the misconception that HIV is strictly an urban disease. 

An estimated 8.6 million Americans suffer from a serious smoking-related illness. These health consequences are expensive, too, especially for public insurance programs, and new research shows that the health care costs of smoking are higher than previously estimated. 

E-cigarette and vaping companies use flavors as a way to market their products to customers and, public health experts argue, to attract youth. With the proliferation of exotic flavors comes the question – are the chemicals in these flavor ingredients safe to inhale? Scientists are warning: maybe not.  

Have you heard of dabbing? Dubbed the "crack of pot,” dabbing is a form of consuming highly concentrated marijuana in a vaporized form and has been described as freebasing marijuana in popular media outlets. Once an underground practice, this dangerous trend has gained popularity in recent months and could change the culture of marijuana use. 

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