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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the medicines (for example Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta) doctors prescribe to treat it has been a hot topic in the news for months now. These medications can be extremely helpful for children and adolescents who have received a comprehensive assessment and accurate diagnosis of ADHD. However, misdiagnosis, over-prescribing, and diversion are significant risks.

CASAColumbia and co-hosted a screening of the documentary “Out of Reach,” which follows one Dallas teen as he interviews his classmates about their prescription drug use habits. The 30 minute film shines a light on how frequently teens take prescription drugs that are not prescribed to them.

Addiction is often considered a moral failing because using an addictive drug is seen as a personal choice. Many think, “No one is forcing you to use that drug, so why not just stop?” As with most chronic diseases, personal choice is only one element involved in developing the disease.

There’s no denying that substance use and addiction is rampant in our justice system. As of 2005, this health problem was involved in the crimes of 1.9 million inmates -- 85% of the U.S. prison and jail population. 

CASAColumbia’s Jon Morgenstern reflects on six insights from his work in addiction treatment research during his tenure at CASAColumbia 

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